Business concept


“Peab is a construction and civil engineering company whose guiding principle is total quality at all stages of the construction process.
Through a combination of innovative thinking and solid professional skills, we aim to make our clients´ interests our own and thereby build at all times for the future”.


The implications of the business concept

  • Peab is today an out-and-out construction and civil engineering company. The Group accommodates the entire chain of production resources required to manage the construction process from wheat ear to finished loaf. Business within the Industry business sector provides access to raw materials and services for our construction and civil engineering business. Through Peab’s network of subcontractors and subsuppliers we underpin our position as a stable and independent company within the Nordic construction market.
  • To offer and supply total quality at all stages of the building process is an important instrument in the competitive arena where Peab is active. We are eager for our customers to see the relationship between price and quality that we offer as being the best alternative available. Our ambition is to be a company in the vanguard of quality assurance and we intend the Peab brand to be universally regarded as being synonymous with good quality.
  • Building methods and building materials are developing rapidly and it is important to maintain a wellreasoned balance between the old and familiar on the one hand and the innovative on the other. Together with our customers we concentrate on being far forward both in planning and project engineering. By developing logistic solutions an increased room for decreased end costs is obtained while quality is maintained. The concrete element factory at Katrineholm is a good example of how we develop our ideas on decreasing production costs while supplying quality products.
  • The end product which our customers are entitled to demand requires our employees to possess a high level of professional skills. It is important for us to offer our employees opportunities for personal development and training. Professional expertise and professional pride are a matter of honour at Peab. We are determined to stand out as an attractive company, not least as an employer, and therefore we train all managers in Peab’s basic values and leadership.
  • The basic concept behind our trust-based contracts is to carry out our assignments in collaboration with the customer. In this way the customer participates in the entire planning and production process and this mutual trust often creates long-term customer relationships. We wish our relations with the customer to be permeated by sensitivity and creativity. Our aim is to always attempt to surpass the expectations of the client. This is very important for us, as a happy customer promotes the Peab name better than any other form of marketing.
  • Our ambition is to be a company that prioritises sustainable development and good environmental knowhow. For us building for the future means that what we build today must also meet tomorrow’s ethical requirements and demands for well thought-through environmental work. The strength of the Peab brand is evaluated based on our ability to build for the future.
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