Peab's ethical guidelines

Peabs Ethical Guidelines

Everyone should be able to be proud of us.

It was not very long ago that Peab was a small company. In those days, we could just sit down and talk through things that concerned us.

Now, we are one of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic countries. We have projects all over Sweden, and in Norway and Finland. And "we" means the more than ten thousand of us working here.

Naturally, I hope we still talk to each other about specific Peab matters. But I know that there is not always enough time. And we have had experiences that we definitely do not want to repeat. Moreover, the world around us imposes ever higher demands on us today. That is why we have now put our ethical guidelines in print. The following pages summarise how we should act in the company, in society and in business. Because this is precisely what ethics mean for Peab – our actions in relation to each other and to parties with an interest in what we do. There is a clear connection between a strong brand and ethics, because ethics essentially are about trust. By building our business on trust, we make our relationships and the brand even stronger, while ensuring good results.

People like you, working in the group, are not the only ones getting this information about Peab's ethical guidelines. We also want to involve our clients, suppliers, contractors, etc. As parts of a big business, we have a shared responsibility to set a good example.

I am counting on you, the reader, also contributing to a Peab to be proud of.

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