Who is responsible for our ethics?
It is important that we take personal responsibility for how we act, but it is the group management that has ultimate responsibility for our ethical guidelines.

Peab's group management is responsible for following up and further developing them.

The respective manager is responsible for all employees being able to familiarise themselves with, understand, accept and act in accordance with these guidelines.

And you are responsible for actually doing the right thing.

No exceptions are allowed. Deviations mean that the obligations in the contract of employment have been broken.


How is the application of Peab's ethical guidelines made easier?
We know that it is not always easy to do the right thing, but we must never consciously do the wrong thing. One way to test planned actions and decisions is ask yourself a few check questions.

  • Is the action/decision in accordance with legislation and international conventions?
  • Is the action/decision in accordance with Peab's ethical guidelines and policies?
  • Could you explain and answer for the action/decision to family, friends and colleagues?
  • Would you feel comfortable if the media reported or paid attention to the action or decision?
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