What does Peab represent?
Peab has strong fundamental values – our core values. If we test every decision made with the question – Is it good for Peab? – we can use our core values to make it easier to differentiate good from bad.

What are our core values?

  • Pragmatic
  • Developmental
  • Personal
  • Reliable

What do our core values represent, and how do we turn them into actions?
Pragmatic: We want to work closely with our clients. Before we undertake an assignment, we will make sure we have access to the resources needed to do a good job. We will be recognised for our pragmatic working methods, with short decision-making paths, and will be responsive to clients' interests.

Developmental: We will be innovative and flexible, and will improve ourselves constantly. We will nurture our employees' skills, and offer good opportunities for development, training, promotion and maintaining good health. We want our employees to be committed and involved in the business, and to contribute to our positive development. In Peab, we will have the opportunity to influence our work situation.

Personal: We will be the personal company. We will create and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships through an honest and trustful dialogue with our clients and suppliers.

We will make sure we can combine our work with our family and leisure interests.

We want good communication, a good atmosphere and respect for the individual to prevail in Peab.

Reliable: Our clients shall feel reassured when they engage Peab. This means our actions will always reflect good business ethics, competence and professionalism. We will have good planning, do the right thing from the start, eliminate risks and adhere to promised schedules. We will comply with laws and requirements, choose the best possible technology, prioritise renewable resources and avoid environmentally harmful substances.

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