Business activities

What should our business lead to?
Peab is one of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic countries. What we build will add value for our clients, suppliers and ourselves, and contribute to sustainable societal progress.

Solid financial profitability is a prerequisite for our success.

What is our position in the market?
Peab is the personal construction and civil engineering company. We constantly try to find new, simple, quick and efficient solutions for our clients. We are also flexible and responsive in our projects, and we work more closely with clients, which means we can both understand and satisfy expectations better. Everyone can be proud of how and what we build.

Is all business good business?
No. Once and for all, it is vital to establish that Peab only undertakes business that is in line with national legislation and good business ethics.

Without exception!

Legislation, regulations, norms and standards are the minimum level, however. In many areas, Peab has even higher ambitions, as explained in our annual business plans.

Peab has developed and expanded in a competitive environment. We see competition as a prerequisite for our continuing healthy development. It cannot be emphasised enough that Peab does not allow any form of price fixing, cartel formation or abuse of any market dominance. All parts of Peab's business should represent legitimate and healthy competition – in tendering, quoting, procurement and purchasing.

What kind of relationships do we want?
We strive for long-term, trustful relationships with clients, suppliers and contractors. And also with the general public and society.

Everyone who chooses to work with Peab should feel reassured.

When working with us, our clients should be able to have direct contact with our employees, and should not need to have formal talks with an anonymous organisation.

How do we build good relationships?
Before we undertake an assignment, we will ensure we have access to the resources needed to do a good job. We will also constantly strive to develop more efficient project and working methods for the benefit of clients.

Before we start working together, we check how subcontractors and suppliers fulfil their obligations with regard to legislation and agreements. We continuously follow up the way our business partners deal with work environment and environmental considerations in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.

Lunch, travel, flowers – are they acceptable?
We will be observant and prudent in our relationships to ensure the boundary for bribes and corruption is not overstepped.

We will also be keenly aware of the demands our clients impose on us regarding dealings with their employees.

If you are uncertain about what is a reasonable value for, for example, entertaining or special occasions, discuss it with your manager.


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