What can people like you working here expect?
Peab literally builds on the professionalism of all its employees. So it is important for us to take care of people like you who work here, and offer stimulating and responsible tasks that suit you. We like you to take the initiative for your own development – if you have high competence, that benefits the whole company. If you want to grow, we can help with resources.

Our goal is that everyone should be able to work until 65. We try to prevent industrial injuries, and encourage sporting and cultural activities through things such as Peab Leisure.

Peab is a flat organisation with short decision-making paths. Initiative is encouraged, and you should always be able to say what you think openly and honestly.

What does Peab expect from you?
Peab's vision is to be the best place in the industry to work. You are given the opportunity to get really involved in developing your competence here. In return, you must comply with our corporate policy and our ethical guidelines. In line with the spirit of Peab, you should always act professionally, be co-creative, keep promises, deliver on time, show others respect and take responsibility for your actions.

As an employee, allowing yourself or anyone else to gain by exploiting company information or your position in the company is forbidden. Neither may you run your own business in competition with Peab, or use our resources for purposes other than those permitted.

Just as you always have the right to be given the information needed to do your job, you also have the duty to seek information.

Why do we talk so much about our regulations?
The work environment in our industry is subject to certain risks. We therefore have a work environment system at Peab. One of the ideas behind it is making workplaces secure and safe.

Take care of yourself. And of others. Help prevent injuries, and please do make suggestions for improvements.

Remember that you must always use your personal protective equipment, and that order and safety rules, and other safety regulations, are mandatory and must always be complied with. Anyone not observing this can be suspended from the workplace.

Is it OK to have a beer?
No. There is no place for alcohol and drugs in our workplaces.

Is it OK to tease?
The laws on discrimination apply at Peab. Harassment on the grounds of gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, colour of skin, background, disability, etc., is therefore totally unacceptable.

There must never be victimisation and bullying in our company.

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