Social responsibility

How do we contribute to society?
Peab is a large company with many employees and many interfaces. Our business also has an effect on social development generally.

Our local roots mean we maintain a continuous dialogue with interested parties at local level, but we also have frequent important contacts at regional and national levels.

We also encourage our employees to get involved in issues that promote both social development in general and local residents in particular.

We sponsor carefully selected programmes with social and humanitarian purposes, and sport. However, we never make financial contributions to political parties or individual politicians.

How do we improve the environment?
Through our environmental management system, we manage our work to reduce its negative environmental impact.

We do this directly by choosing materials and methods that are better for the environment and by taking overall responsibility for recycling and processing waste from our sites.

And indirectly by the increasing application of energy-saving technical solutions.

How do we give Peab a good image?
Documentation and reporting of the business are essential for creating trust for, and insight into, our group.

As one of the biggest construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic countries, Peab may sometimes be the subject of discussion. Internally and externally. We respect that.

Naturally, as an employee you may always talk about how things are going for you at work and how you feel about it.

However, Peab is a company listed on the stock exchange, so when it comes to information that may affect the share price, only the CEO, chief accountant, corporate communications manager and those specially appointed by them may make comments.

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