The Board of Directors

The 2016 AGM decided on a remuneration to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEK 560,000 (535,000) and that each of the remaining board members are paid SEK 235,000 (210,000).

For their work on the Remuneration Committee and the Finance Committee, a fee of SEK 30,000 (unchanged) are paid to each member of those committees and for work on the Audit Committee SEK 30,000 (25,000) for each member.

Furthermore, the Vice-Chairman is paid a fee of SEK 2,765,000 (unchanged) as a special payment for being at the group's disposal for matters relating to customers and markets.

The total proposed fee to be paid to board members therefore amounts to SEK 5,240,000 (4,915,000).

Fees to auditors are paid according to an approved account.

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