The CEO of Peab AB, Jesper Göransson, has in 2016 received wages and other remuneration, including benefits, totaling SEK 5,815 thousand (5,005). In addition, he has received variable remuneration for 2016 of SEK 1,936 thousand (2,136) and a provision for LTI-program of SEK 1,045 thousand (671), which will be placed in a pension savings connected to the Peab share. Pension premiums for the year were SEK 2,486 thousand (2,564).

Pension commitment for the CEO give him the right to pension from the age of 62. Annual pension premiums of 47 percent of basic salary are paid for this commitment. These pensions are part of defined contribution plans.

Notice on the part of Peab is twelve months with a reduction for any salary from a new employer. Severance pay consisting of twelve months salary is paid out upon termination of employment. Notice on the part of the CEO is six months combined with severance pay consisting of six months salary.

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