Jesper Göransson, has in 2015 received wages and other remuneration, including benefits, for a total of SEK 5,005 thousand (4,933). In addition, he has received variable remuneration for 2015 of SEK 2,136 thousand (1,059). Pension premiums for the year amounted to SEK 5,564 thousand (2,411). A provision of SEK 671 thousand has been made for the year for the current LTI program. This will be placed as saved pension in a financial instrument connected to the Peab share. Receiving the outcome requires unbroken employment up until 2017-12-31.

Pension commitments for the CEO give him the right to pension from the age of 65. There is a supplementary commitment whereby the company or the CEO can trigger early retirement from the age of 62. Annual pension premiums of 47 percent of basic salary are paid for these commitments. These pensions are part of defined contribution plans.

Notice on the part of Peab is a maximum of 24 months and the CEO is required to give a maximum of six months notice. If a severance pay is paid the total remuneration for salary during the period of notice and severance pay may not exceed 24 monthly wages.

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