Foto: Mette Ottosson

Göran Grosskopf

Chairman of the Board of Peab AB.

Born 1945. Appointed 2004.

Professor, LLd and Dr Econ. 

Chairman of the board of Peab AB, BrainHeart Energy AB, Annehem Fastigheter AB, Stefan Paulsson’s Cancer Fund Foundation, Stefan Paulsson Invest AB and Mats Paulsson’s Foundation for research, innovation and community building.

Member of the board of Maven Wireless AB, ColoPlus AB, Permak AB, Ekhaga Utveckling AB, Stichting Polar Light, Medicon Village Fastighets AB and Mats Paulsson’s Foundation.

Former professor of tax law and working chairman of the board of Tetra Laval Group and Chairman of the board of Ingka Holding BV.

Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Remuneration Committe Member of the Audit Committee.

823,500 A shares
460,000 B shares

The holdings reported were those on March 31, 2021. Holdings include those of spouses, children who are minors and private company holdings.

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