To suppliers and subcontractors

Peab urgently asks for your cooperation in reducing the risk of spreading the Coronavirus.

Peab is the largest community builder in the Nordic region and with this comes great responsibility. The pandemic with covid-19 is not over, the infection is still spreading around the world. The Public Health Agency of Sweden believes that we need to be prepared for an increased spread during the coming autumn and winter season 2022-23.

As a big employer we care about our employees as well as our partners such as customers, subcontractors and suppliers. We therefore want to actively contribute, together with you, to minimizing the spread of Coronavirus.

Peab’s measures to limit spreading the infection are founded on The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s guidelines and instructions as well as those that correspond in the other countries we work in.

Peab has drawn up our own rules and admonitions based on The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s instructions. 

  1. We recommend vaccination!
  2. We continue with the good habit of washing our hands.
  3. We stay home if we are sick.
  4. We travel to a limited extent. The starting point for our meetings is the digital form of meeting.

Since The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s instructions are constantly changing, we closely follow developments and update information to our employees continuously. We also urge our employees to take responsibility for keeping updated themselves.

Every employer - contractual party - is responsible for their own costs for personnel that stay at home. The spread of the Coronavirus does not automatically release any party from meeting their contractual obligations. For example, in order to have the right to a time extension this right must be stipulated in the contract. If this is the case, notification must be given according to the terms of the contract.

Together – in an open and constructive dialogue – we can act to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus and thereby also limit the effects on our various operations.

If you have any questions please get in touch with your contact at Peab.

Marcus Holtz

Group Purchasing Manager Peab AB


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