Changes in Peab’s Board

The Nomination Committee of Peab AB proposes the reelection of Board members Fredrik Paulsson, Malin Persson, Karl-Axel Granlund, Liselott Kilaas, Lars Sköld, Kerstin Lindell and Anders Runevad as well as election of Magdalena Gerger. Mats Paulsson and Göran Grosskopf have both declined reelection for age reasons. Anders Runevad is proposed to be elected Chairman of the Board.

Anders Runevad, who has extensive experience from leading positions in, among other areas, telecom and wind power, was elected to the Board by the 2020 AGM. Magdalena Gerger is currently the President and CEO of Systembolaget. Magdalena has extensive international experience in, among other areas, industry and retail.

Mats Paulsson, one of Peab’s founders, leaves the Board after having been part of the company since its start in 1959. The Board has decided to name Mats Paulsson honorary chairman in connection with him leaving the Board as of the AGM. In the role of honorary chairman Mats will not be a member of the Board but in this role he can continue to support Peab’s Board and management informally.

“I want to humbly thank both Göran and Mats for their work and support for the Board and Peab’s management. Their importance for the development of Peab cannot be overstated. I’m also very pleased that Anders has agreed to be proposed as Chairman of the Board and Magdalena as a new member,” says Ulf Liljedal, Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

Further proposals by the Nomination Committee will be presented in the summons to attend the AGM in Peab AB.

The Nomination Committee consists of its Chairman Ulf Liljedahl (AB Axel Granlund), Mats Rasmussen (Ekhaga Utveckling AB), Malte Åkerström (Mats Paulsson) and Göran Grosskopf (Chairman of the Board).


Pictures: Anders Runevad & Magdalena Gerger

For further information, please contact:

Ulf Liljedahl, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, through

Juha Hartomaa, Head of Investor Relations Peab, cell: +46 725 33 31 45

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