Peab rebuilds E45/Highway 70 through Mora

Peab has been commissioned to rebuild E45/Highway 70 through Mora. The customer is the Swedish Transport Administration and the contract is worth SEK 143 million.

The second stretch of E45/Highway 70 will be built to improve traffic safety, accessibility and passability in Mora. Today accessibility is not as good as it should be everywhere on this stretch but rebuilding it will make the road system more easily accessible and usable for all road user groups. In addition, road capacity will be enhanced compared to the current traffic situation.

“As local community builders we care a great deal about the communities we work in, which is why we’re really pleased to be part of developing Mora and creating safer roads and urban areas. The road passes through a variety of environments, each with its own conditions and challenges. This is where our breadth and experience in similar road projects will be put to good use,” says Jörgen Eriksson, Region Manager Peab.

Rebuilding the road is also expected to contribute to a better city environment in Mora regarding noise, air quality and layout. Cultural aspects of the city will also be taken into consideration and pedestrian tunnels and roundabouts will be decorated in several places along the stretch.

“We’re very happy to have signed on Peab and can now begin work on the final stretch of E45/Highway 70 through Mora,” says Åsa Bergqvist, Project Manager for the Swedish Transport Administration.

The project is a traditional contract. Construction will begin in August 2022 and the second stretch is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2024.

The project will be order registered in the second quarter 2022.

Illustration: The Swedish Transport Administration

For further information, please contact:

Jörgen Eriksson, Region Manager Peab, +46 60 16 80 28

Juha Hartomaa, Head of Investor Relations Peab, +46 725 33 31 45