Peab builds tenant-owner apartments in Uppsala

Peab has been commissioned to build 94 tenant-owner apartments in Rosendal in Uppsala Municipality. The customer is OBOS Kärnhem Bostadsproduktion AB and the contract is worth SEK 162 million.

The borough Rosendal in Uppsala is growing. The new apartments, Brf Rosendals Trädgård, will be one to four rooms and a kitchen with a shared roof terrace. The building will be intensely focused on sustainability with solar panels on parts of the roof and sedum on others.

“As community builders we’re honored to be building innovative and energy efficient homes. We look forward to participating in developing the new city borough Rosendal that is intensely focused on sustainability,” says Louise Strömbäck, Region Manager Peab.

“We look forward to collaborating with Peab in building Brf Rosendals Trädgård. With its character and well-planned apartments the project will be a good ambassador for what OBOS stands for. We’re particularly pleased that this will also be the Uppsala premiere for Deläga (Joint Ownership) - our homebuyer model that lowers the threshold for many more people to own their homes,” says Emil Kroll, Head of Sales at OBOS Kärnhem.

The project is a turnkey contract. Construction will begin in June 2022 and residents are expected to move in at the end of 2024.

The project will be order registered in the second quarter 2022.

Illustration: 3DVision

For further information, please contact:

Louise Strömbeck, Region Manager Peab, +46 72 533 52 96

Juha Hartomaa, Head of Investor Relations Peab, +46 725 33 31 45