New requirements for working at Peab's workplaces - Together we improve safety at the workplace

Work environment and safety are a top priority in Peab. Everyone who works on our sites / workplaces should have a safe working environment, Peab has a zero tolerance regarding serious accidents. This means that we also place high demands on our subcontractors to contribute to the safety on site / workplaces.

Together with other actors within Byggföretagen, we are taking the next step for a safer construction industry by making a number of changes during this year.

We now want to inform you about the following new requirements linked to training/authorisations:

  • Requirements for safety training Safe Construction Training. Industry standard for working at Swedish construction and civil engineering sites.
  • Requirements for digital certificates in the ID-06 Competence Database

Only Swedish training certificates, or foreign certificates validated in Sweden, are approved by PEAB for the following work areas and as such must be presented before the start of work. Some of these will also apply in digital form as of 1 July 2021. Make sure you use training companies that are accredited to the ID06 Competence Database. To digitally make an existing training certificate/certificate, you must post-register a training certificate, contact the training or validation company, refer to the list here.

Conduct Safe Construction Training via In this way, the training is automatically registered in the ID06 Competence Database.

Requirements from 2021/07/01

  • Asbest (Asbestos)​ – Allmän utbildning / (General Training)
  • Asbest (Asbestos) – Kompletterande utbildning (efter fem år)​ / (Supplementary Training (after five years))​
  • Asbest (Asbestos) – Särskild utbildning (krav för sanering)​ / (Special Training (sanitation requirements)​)
  • Heta Arbeten (Hot/flammable work) - Brandfarliga arbeten​
  • Safe Construction Training - (OBS! Krav på Peab fr o m 2022-01-01​) / (NB! Absolute requirements throughout Peab from 2022/01/01)

Requirements from 2022/03/01

  • EL-säkerhet​ – ESA Instruerad ​
  • EL-säkerhet​ – Härdplast​
  • EL-säkerhet​ – Kemiska arbetsmiljörisker (Härdplast)
  • Arbete på väg Steg 2:1​
  • Arbete på väg Steg 2:2​
  • Arbete på väg Steg 2:3 ​
  • Arbete på väg Steg 3 

Requirements from 2023/03/01

  • Mobila arbetsplattformar​ – Saxlift, Skylift, Mobila plattformar​
  • Lyft​ – Säkrare Lyft-ISO​
  • Ställningar – Allmän utbildning​
  • Ställningar – Särskild information om rullställningar​
  • Ställningar – Särskild utbildning ​
  • Fallskydd – Grund (NSA)


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