Core values

Peab’s organization is built on our shared four core values, Down-to-earth, Developing, Personal and Reliable, that permeate every aspect of our business. We continually develop our business and personnel based on this foundation.


We work close to our customers. Before we take on a project we make sure we have the resources necessary for a successful project. We are down-to-earth in the way we work, decision-making is close at hand and we are sensitive to the interests of our customers.


We are innovative, flexible and strive for continuous improvement in cooperation with our customers. We utilize and nurture our employees’ competence and offer good opportunities for development, training, promotion and healthcare. We want our employees to be committed to, and participate in, our daily operations and we want them to feel a responsibility for the Group’s development.


We are the personal company. Through an honest and trustful dialogue with our customers and partners we create and maintain long-term, good relationships. Our experience shows that a happy customer returns. Good communication, good atmosphere and respect for the individual are paramount at Peab.


Our customers should feel secure when they choose Peab. This means that we always deliver good business ethics, expertise and professional skills. We plan well, do things right from the start, eliminate risks and keep deadlines. We comply with laws and regulations, use the best possible technology, prioritize renewable resources and avoid materials hazardous to the environment.

Photo: Annika Persson

Targets, mission and business concept

Our long-term strategic goals, together with our four collaborative business areas, our mission, business concept and core values form the platform for our work.

Code of Conduct

Peab strives to create added value for customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders while contributing to sustainable social development.