Orders received

Here we report the Peab Group's orders received over SEK 100 million.

Quarter 3, 2021

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2021/07/26 Peab builds hangar for surveillance airplanes in Evenes   NOK 646 million Norway Forsvarsbygg
2021/07/19 Peab rebuilds prison in Härnosand   SEK 157 million Sweden Intea Fastigheter
2021/07/14 Peab expands Varner’s distribution center in Vänersborg   SEK 215 million Sweden M62 Holding
2021/07/13 Peab rebuilds ferry berths for electric ferries in Nordland   NOK 301 million Norway Statens vegvesen
2021/07/12 Peab builds Hindås’ waterworks   SEK 154 million Sweden Härryda Vatten och Avfall AB
2021/07/07 Peab rebuilds school in Sørreisa   NOK 146 million Norway Sørreisa Municipality
2021/07/06 Peab builds part of the new subway in Stockholm   SEK 124 million Sweden Region Stockholm’s administration of the subway extension

Quarter 2, 2021

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2021/06/29 Peab builds new cold storage unit in Örebro   SEK 157 million Sweden Lantmännen Byggnads AB
2021/06/22 Peab builds apartments in Oslo   NOK 183 million Norway Møllerveien 2 AS
2021/06/22 Peab builds two bridges in Upplands-Bro   SEK 204 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/06/21 Peab builds apartments in Åre   SEK 109 million Sweden Skiab Invest AB
2021/06/17 Peab builds new shopping center in Åkersberga   SEK 180 million Sweden Fastica Åkersberga AB
2021/06/17 Peab builds rental apartments in Karlskrona   SEK 115 million Sweden AB Karlskronahem
2021/06/16 Peab builds double track railway outside of Hallsberg   SEK 477 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/06/15 Peab builds Volvomotet in Gothenburg   SEK 154 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/06/14 Peab builds homes in Oulu   EUR 12 million Finland Health City Finland Oy
2021/06/04 Peab builds apartments in Kongsberg   NOK 120 million Norway Pilares Eiendom
2021/05/24 Peab rebuilds E20 outside of Vara   SEK 211 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/05/20 Peab builds new school in Kautokeino   NOK 207 million Norway Kautokeino Municipality
2021/05/07 Peab builds rental apartments in Västerås   SEK 310 million Sweden Bostads AB Mimer
2021/05/05 Peab builds new swimming pool facility in Uddevalla   SEK 350 million Sweden Uddevalla Municipality
2021/05/03 Peab builds new container port in Sundsvall   SEK 249 million Sweden SCA Logistics AB
2021/05/03 Peab builds new middle school in Gothenburg   SEK 517 million Sweden City of Gothenburg Property Management
2021/04/28 Peab builds new hotel in Vesterålen   NOK 190 million Norway Hotell Richard With AS
2021/04/27 Peab receives five contracts for road maintenance   SEK 753 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/04/13 Peab builds school in Löddeköpinge   SEK 290 million Sweden KKL Fastigheter AB


Quarter 1, 2021

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2021/03/31 Peab builds car dealership in Ålesund   NOK 113 million Norway Waagan Eiendom
2021/03/29 Peab builds apartments in Ålesund   NOK 120 million Norway Fri Sikt Volsdalsberga
2021/03/22 Peab rebuilds Highway 35 south of Linköping   SEK 122 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/03/11 Peab builds high school in Enköping   SEK 405 million Sweden Enköping Municipality
2021/03/10 Peab rebuilds wastewater treatment plant in Henriksdal   SEK 254 million Sweden Stockholm Vatten och Avfall
2021/03/08 Peab builds new race track facility in Orklands Municipality   NOK 100 million Norway Leangentravets Eiendom
2021/03/05 Peab builds office building in Espoo   EUR 20 million Finland Niam Oy
2021/03/04 Peab extends Skänninge Prison on the outskirts of Mjölby   SEK 212 million Sweden Specialfastigheter Sverige AB
2021/03/03 Peab builds rental apartments in Jönköping   SEK 221 million Sweden HSB Göta
2021/03/01 Peab signs framework contract with Öresundskraft   SEK 400 million Sweden Öresundskraft
2021/02/08 Peab builds student housing in Stockholm   SEK 225 million Sweden Stockholms Studentbostäder
2021/01/18 Peab builds offices in Malmö   SEK 365 million Sweden Wihlborgs Pulpeten 5 AB

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