Orders received

Here we report the Peab Group's orders received over SEK 100 million.

The projects are entered in the quarter in which the order is registered.

Quarter 2, 2023

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2023/06/05 Peab builds test track for autonomous and electrified vehicles   SEK 730 million Sweden Scania Industrial Maintenance AB
2023/06/05 Peab builds swimming pool and sports hall in Haparanda   SEK 209 million Sweden Haparanda Municipality
2023/05/29 Peab builds homes in Helsinki   EUR 17 million Finland Helsinki City’s ATT
2023/05/25 Peab builds new National Archives in Härnösand   SEK 800 million Sweden Specialfastigheter
2023/04/27 Peab renovates and extends upper secondary school in Helsinki   EUR 18 million Finland City of Helsinki
2023/04/18 Peab renovates rental apartments in Helsinki   EUR 18 million Finland Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (HEKA)
2023/04/17 Peab continues to extend the wastewater treatment plant in Trollhättan   SEK 355 million Sweden Trollhättan Energi AB


Quarter 1, 2023

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2023/04/14 Peab builds police station in Malmö   SEK 448 million Sweden Specialfastigheter
2023/03/31 Peab receives road contracts for 360 million Swedish kronor   SEK 360 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2023/03/28 Peab builds rental apartments in Halmstad   SEK 146 million Sweden Willhem AB
2023/03/10 Peab builds new ice skating rink in Fruängen   SEK 114 million Sweden City of Stockholm (real estate department)
2023/03/09 Peab receives operations contract in Österåker   SEK 100 million Sweden Österåker Municipality
2023/03/07 Peab reinforces cultural historical road in Hudiksvall   SEK 105 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2023/02/16 Peab builds new swimming pool facility in Nacka   SEK 265 million Sweden Nacka Municipality

Orders received previous years

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