Orders received

Here we report the Peab Group's orders received over SEK 100 million.

The projects are entered in the quarter in which the order is registered.

Quarter 2, 2024

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2024/05/16 Peab builds industrial building in Malmö   SEK 166 million Sweden Wihlborgs Fastigheter
2024/04/29 Peab develops New Bodø Airport   NOK 3.300 million Norway Vianor
2024/04/29 Peab rebuilds the treatment plant in Västervik   SEK 248 million Sweden Västervik Miljö och Energi AB
2024/04/26 Peab builds new transformer station in Lødingen   NOK 127 million Norwey Statnett
2024/04/24 Peab builds new main water and waste water pipelines in Nittedal   NOK 296 million Norway Nittedal Municipality
2024/04/19 Peab builds new drinking water reservoir in Lund   SEK 136 million Sweden Sydvatten


Quarter 1, 2024

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2024/04/04 Peab rebuilds school in Malmö   SEK 186 million Sweden Revelop
2024/04/04 Peab builds a stage of Västlänken in Gothenburg   SEK 1.500 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2024/04/03 Peab builds New Kristine Hall in Falun   SEK 227 million Sweden Falun Municipality
2024/03/28 Peab builds bridge in Härnösand   SEK 247 million Sweden Härnösand Municipality
2024/03/28 Peab receives road contracts for more than a billion Swedish kronor   SEK 1,061 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2024/03/27 Peab renovates and extends office building in Oxelösund   SEK 160 million Sweden SSAB
2024/03/26 Peab builds another building at Sörbyn Prison   SEK 104 million Sweden Specialfastigheter Sverige AB
2024/03/19 Peab builds assisted living in Åmål   SEK 220 million Sweden Åmål Municipality
2024/03/15 Peab builds homes in Helsinki   EUR 13 million Finland City of Helsinki
2024/03/14 Peab builds pilot platform facility for clean energy in Espoo   EUR 19 million Finland VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.
2024/02/28 Peab rebuilds school in Lund   SEK 139 million Sweden Lundafastigheter
2024/02/15 Peab builds railway sidings in Gothenburg   SEK 392 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2024/02/09 Peab builds new swimming pool block in Partille   SEK 1,300 million Sweden Partillebo
2024/02/06 Peab enlarges high school in Bergen   NOK 257 million Norway Vestland Municipality
2024/01/29 Peab expands water and wastewater net in Borlänge   SEK 126 million Sweden Borlänge Energi
2024/01/26 Peab builds apartments and office buildings in Jönköping   SEK 368 million Sweden Brandtornet AB (rental apartments), Hamhus AB (office building)
2024/01/25 Peab rebuilds wastewater treatment plant in Luleå   SEK 157 million Sweden Luleå miljöresurs AB (Lumire)
2024/01/22 Peab builds fire station in Kaarina   EUR 11 million Finland City of Kaarina
2024/01/16 Peab builds dock in Skellefteå   SEK 1,132 million Sweden Skellefteå Municipality

Orders received previous years



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