Our business

Peab is characterized by a decentralized and cost-efficient organization with four complementary business areas whose operations are based on local entrepreneurship close to customers. Our business model with four collaborating business areas creates opportunities throughout the value chain in a construction project.

Foto: Per Eriksson

Business area Construction

With local roots close to customers business area Construction does construction work for both external and internal customers. Construction projects include everything from new production of housing, public and commercial premises to renovations and extensions as well as construction maintenance.

Foto: Peter Steen

Business area Civil Engineering

Business area Civil Engineering is a leading actor in Sweden and with operations in Norway. Civil Engineering works with landscaping and pipelines, builds and maintains roads, railroads, bridges and other infrastructure as well as does foundation work.

Business area Industry

Business area Industry provides the products and services needed to carry out more sustainable and cost-efficient construction and civil engineering projects on the Nordic market. With local roots our companies take on jobs big and small.

Photo: Peter Steen

Business area Project development

Business area Project Development, which comprises Housing Development and Property Development, creates sustainable and vibrant urban environments with residential, commercial and public property.






Core values

Peab’s organization is built on our shared four core values, Down-to-earth, Developing, Personal and Reliable, that permeate every aspect of our business. We continually develop our business and personnel based on this foundation.

Code of Conduct

Peab strives to create added value for customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders while contributing to sustainable social development.