Targets, mission and business concept

Our long-term strategic goals, together with our four collaborative business areas, our mission, business concept and core values form the platform for our work.

Business concept

Peab is the Nordic Community Builder with a local presence. Focusing on our own resources and local partners we develop, do the groundwork and build everyday life where it’s lived.

Our mission - We improve everyday life where it’s lived.

Our targets

The Peab Group has four strategic target areas.
Each strategic target area is linked to one or more targets. All goals relate to our industry.Mal-genomskinlig-text eng.png

  • Most satisfied customers

    - Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI): > 75

  • Best workplace

    - employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS): > Benchmark
    - Zero vision, serious accidents: through a declining trend

  • Most profitable company

    - Operating margin: > 6%
    - Net debt/equity ratio: 0.3 - 0.7
    - Dividend: > 50% of profit for the year

  • Leader in social responsibility

    - Carbon dioxide intensity (own production): 60% (reduction by 2030)
    - Carbon dioxide intensity (input goods and purchased services): 50% (reduction by 2030)
    - Equal opportunity recruitment: Number of women will always exceed education market

Read more about our targets and follow the development.

Core values

Peab’s organization is built on our shared four core values, Down-to-earth, Developing, Personal and Reliable, that permeate every aspect of our business. We continually develop our business and personnel based on this foundation.

Peab is the local construction and civil engineering company with the big group resources

Our local presence helps us build the local community. Throughout the Nordic region. We call it Locally produced community building.