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How Peab processes personal data

It is important to Peab that you feel safe and secure about the way we process your personal data. On this page we describe, among other things, how we handle your personal data.

More about how we process personal data.


Downloading/using pictures

Pictures from our website may be used for editorial purposes.

Note “Source: Peab” and the photographer when given.

Pictures from a work environment perspective

Peab takes work environment matters very seriously and works systematically to create safe workplaces. There are variations regarding the safety equipment that is used depending on which national regulations are in force and the kind of operations in progress.

A risk analysis is performed for each individual workplace before any exceptions are made.

The people pictured in Peab’s printed and digital channels wear personal safety equipment according to the regulations valid for the particular operations, workplace and country that applied at the time of the photo. The requirements may have changed accordingly.


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Cookies on our website

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Avoiding cookies

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