Peab - sixty years of community building

Peab has contributed to community building for the past sixty years. What started in 1959 with two very young brothers, Mats and Erik Paulsson, and a tractor is today Sweden’s largest, and a leading Nordic, construction and civil engineering company.

Homes, schools, kindergartens, senior housing, museums, malls, offices, cultural and sports arenas, libraries, city halls, roads, bridges, parks - entire communities in fact - have seen the light of day over the years because of Peab. Many people have a relationship to Peab’s craft, perhaps without even knowing it. They might have encountered us through their home, workplace, where their children go to school or the home their old mother lives in. We at Peab are very proud of this.

“Peab is what it is today entirely thanks to our personnel. Peab’s success has always been founded on talented, committed people,” says Jesper Göransson, CEO of Peab.

“By being open and respectful we created a close-nit organization and a feeling of familiarity. Preserving this feeling has always been my primary goal as the company has grown. It’s the foundation of good workplaces, satisfied customers and good profitability,” says Mats Paulsson, founder.

Now Peab is building for the future. It’s human nature to continually build and develop society. Trends, external demands and the economy are always in flux. Our competitors aren’t standing still. Customer demands are high. This inspires us and gives us strength to push ahead. As we take on new challenges and develop our business we remain rooted in our core values - down-to-earth, developing, personal and reliable.

Throughout 2019 we are going to celebrate Peab’s sixty-year jubilee. We are going to spread the word about Peab’s business and extensive history under the vignette “Peab - sixty years of community building”.



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