For suppliers

Here you will find current and important information aimed at you as a supplier to Peab.

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New requirements for working at Peab's workplaces - Together we improve safety at the workplace

Work environment and safety are a top priority in Peab. Everyone who works on our sites / workplaces should have a safe working environment, Peab has a zero tolerance regarding serious accidents. This means that we also place high demands on our subcontractors to contribute to the safety on site / workplaces.

Important information for those who have a foreign company and perform work in Sweden

With effect from 1 January 2021, there are new rules for foreign companies that have employees in Sweden, or receive payment for work in Sweden.

Code of Conduct

Peab strives to create added value for customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders while contributing to sustainable social development.

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Information on how you as a supplier send invoices to Peab.

To suppliers and subcontractors

Peab urgently asks for your cooperation in reducing the risk of spreading the Coronavirus.

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