Business area Project development

Business area Project Development handles Group acquisitions as well as development, management and divestment of residential and commercial property. Housing Development is mainly geared towards private consumers while Property Development is aimed at real estate investors

Project Development, which comprises Housing Development and Property
Development, creates sustainable and vibrant urban environments with both
residential and commercial property. The business area is responsible for the
Group’s property acquisitions and divestitures as well as project development
which generates contract work for the other business areas. Project Development works through wholly owned projects or in collaboration with other partners in joint ventures.

Peab is one of the largest housing developers in Sweden and has a strong position on the market. Operations are spread throughout the country with a number of offices divided into four regions. In Finland Peab is represented in Helsinki and seven other large regional cities. In Norway operations are located in the Oslo area, Tromsø and Ålesund.

Property Development develops new offices, premises and sometimes whole city districts in collaboration with municipalities and other partners. The business is primarily focused on the big city areas.

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