Peab is a proud partner to UNHCR which is the UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR saves lives and fights for the rights of refugees.

This year’s Christmas donation includes a contribution to Better Shelter. UNHCR continuously works to improve housing for people forced to flee. This new kind of emergency home provides better protection over a longer period of time than traditional tents. Fleeing families have a safer place to sleep during an extremely difficult time.  

Winter is particularly harrowing for people forced to flee. In many parts of the world - and especially in the countries surrounding Syria - millions of people live in temporary housing that is often difficult to heat when it gets cold. This is where a refugee home is a better alternative with a lot of advantages over a tent. UNHCR’s refugee home “Better Shelter” provides a fleeing family with a safe and environmentally friendly home.  Refugee home Better Shelter has a door that locks, windows that open and shut, hard walls and it is insulated. A solar panel supplies the home with electricity.



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