Stable business and proposal for extra distribution of real estate company

“Net sales in Peab grew by over three percent in 2019 to SEK 54 billion and adjusted for costs for acquisitions as well as eliminations, profitability has been strengthened. The proposed extra distribution demonstrates Peab’s capacity to, through our four collaborating business areas, generate substantial results for our shareholders. At the same time it creates the foundation for even more value creation in two separate companies in the future. Based on stable market prospects we are moving ahead in 2020 by finalizing the YIT operations acquisition, which is expected to be completed during the first half-year”, says Peab´s CEO Jesper Göransson.

  • Net sales SEK 54,008 million (52,233)
  • Operating profit SEK 2,568 million (2,573)
  • Operating margin 4.8 percent (4.9)
  • Pre-tax profit SEK 2,510 million (2,518)
  • Earnings per share SEK 7.09 (7.12)
  • Orders received SEK 44,130 million (51,087) and
    order backlog SEK 42,494 million (45,819)
  • Cash flow before financing SEK -551 million (-1,021)
  • Net debt SEK 7,507 million (3,551). Excluding
    additional IFRS 16, Leases net debt was SEK 6,743 million
  • Equity/assets ratio 31.7 percent (30.4). Excluding additional IFRS 16, Leases the equity/assets ratio was 32.3 percent
  • The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 4.20 (4.20) per share
  • The Board proposes an extra distribution of a real estate company according to Lex Asea
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