Financial goals

Peab’s management steers the business based on the Board’s guidelines that are founded on three financial goals – Return on equity, the Equity/assets ratio and Dividends.

The goals are concrete, clear and simplify communication with financial markets. We use our goals to measure how well we can meet the market long-term, regardless of business and development cycles. Due to changes in the financial situation our goal achievement may vary.

Return on equity will be a minimum of 20 percent

The goal is set in order to create efficient operations and a rational capital structure adapted to Peab’s operations.

The return on equity improved to 21.1 percent (20.1) in 2017. The contract business in Construction and Civil engineering has generated stable operating profit while Industry and Project Development reported increased operating profit and margin. The previous years were characterized by lower profitability and write-downs in the business, which had a negative effect on return on equity.

Equity/assets ratio will be a minimum of 25 percent

The equity/assets ratio regulates the relationship between equity and debts. The goal, aimed at balancing the owners’ demand on return and the need for securing the business for times also when market conditions are worse, means the Group assets should be financed through equity by at least 25 percent.

In recent years the equity/assets ratio has been better than the goal and in 2017 it improved to 32.1 percent (29.7). The improvement is primarily due to higher earnings and more efficient capital utilization.

Dividends will be a minimum of 50 percent of profit after tax

The goal is set in order to ensure owners’ return on capital as well as meet the company’s need for funds to develop operations.

The dividend for 2017 was SEK 4.00 (3.60) per share. Calculated as a of the Group’s recorded profit for the year the dividend is 58 percent (61). The dividend is equivalent to a direct return of 5.7 percent (5.0) calculated on the closing price on 31 December 2017.

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