Swerock invests in electrically driven transportation

In collaboration with Volvo Lastvagnar Peab’s subsidiary Swerock will begin test driving completely electric transportation solutions for the construction industry. This means that Swerock will run a concrete mixer truck and a hook lift truck in daily operations during two years. The trucks have been produced to meet the growing demands for less noise and emissions, particularly in sensitive urban areas. This is a major step in more climate smart transportation.

The concrete mixer electric truck will be based at Kållered’s quarry and, among other things, deliver Swerock’s ECO-Betong to customers in the Gothenburg area while the hook lift truck will do internal transportation around the quarry and to larger infrastructure projects nearby.

“This investment is an important step in achieving climate neutral transportation and is perfectly aligned with our environmental goals. The Peab Group’s goal is to be climate neutral by 2045, which means that we want to generate zero emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Since domestic transportation stands for about a third of the total emissions of greenhouse gases in Sweden, using electric trucks can have a considerable positive effect,” says Elisabet Stadler, Environmental Manager Peab Group.

This investment is an important step in achieving climate neutral
transportation and is perfectly aligned with our environmental goals.

Elisabet Stadler, Environmental Manager Peab

Using Volvo’s electrical trucks reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 8,000 tons annually per truck, calculated on 8,300 Swedish miles driven annually. This is compared to trucks that run on diesel. In addition, electrical trucks do not emit any nitrogen oxides or particles.

“Trucks in the construction segment typically require more power and robustness than many other segments, and electric trucks are no exception,” says Jonas Odermalm, Vice President Electromobility at Volvo Trucks. “Our commercial solutions need to meet the demands for high productivity and uptime, while delivering on the benefits of reduced emissions and less noise that comes with a full electric driveline. Tests and customer collaborations are important to the development process.”

“For our part this is an important step in approaching the trucks of the future and thereby reducing fossil emissions. We already have 15 hybrid trucks and through this project we will now test running completely electrically driven vehicles and when the concrete mixer truck delivers our ECO-Betong to our customers we will reduce climate impact even more,” says Hans Orest, Division Manager Swerock.

Facts about Swerock

Swerock is one of the largest Nordic suppliers of material and services to the construction industry with over 360 quarries and 60 concrete factories. Swerock also works with recycling and reuse of material that has already been out in the market, which is an important part of taking responsibility for the climate and environment and lowering the amount of new material extracted.

Facts about ECO-Betong

Parts of the concrete in ECO-Betong has been replaced by slag which is a by-product of the steel industry. This drastically reduces carbon dioxide emissions from production as well as the extraction of virgin limestone. Depending on the area of use the concrete’s climate impact can be reduced by as much as 50 percent.

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