Peab builds Tullgarn Bridge in Uppsala

Peab has been commissioned to build Tullgarn Bridge over Fyris River in Uppsala. The customer is Uppsala Municipality and the contract is worth SEK 157 million.

Tullgarn Bridge is part of the expansion of infrastructure in Uppsala and will be important for the ongoing development of the south side of the city. The bridge will connect the residential areas in Kungsängen with Studenternas IP, a multi-use stadium, Stadsträdgården, the city park and Uppsala University Hospital, a major workplace. The bridge will also be important for emergency vehicles. Tullgarn Bridge is the third moveable bridge that Peab will have built for Uppsala Municipality after Flottsund Bridge and Vind Bridge.

“We look forward to working together with Uppsala Municipality once again and starting construction of Tullgarn Bridge. The bridge is a vital part of Uppsala’s community development and we hope we can reduce the congestion on the city’s other bridges over the river and create better passability for Uppsala residents,” says Thomas Larsson, Product Manager Peab.

Tullgarn Bridge will be built as a bascule bridge over Fyris River with connecting roads and pedestrian and bicycle paths. The bridge will have one car lane in each direction as well as a four meter wide pedestrian and bicycle path on each side. The bridge will be around 60 meters long in total.

The bridge will be built according to the sustainability assessment CEEQUAL in order to raise the project’s sustainability performance. It will even have a special design where the leaf that lifts will be built entirely in corten steel. The connecting leaf will be built in concrete but in a corten form and both abutments will be clad in granite. Even the vertical lift is unusual in that it opens and closes by means of rope machinery in one of the bridge supports.

“Now that the procurement process is over we’re entering the next stage of the project which is building Tullgarn Bridge and the connecting streets. The bridge also enables reducing the traffic in parts of the city center. For Uppsala Municipality Tullgarn Bridge and its design will create a landmark in the city,” says Stefan Bergerstam, Project Manager for Uppsala Municipality.

The project is a traditional contract with construction responsibility. Planning of the bridge will begin immediately. Construction is expected to start in January 2022 and the bridge will be completed in the winter of 2023.

The project will be order registered in the fourth quarter 2021.

Image/Illustration: &Rundquist arkitekter AB

For further information, please contact:

Juha Hartomaa, Head of Investor Relations Peab, +46 725 33 31 45

Tullgarnsbron stenbeklädnad ljus R

Thomas Larsson, produktchef Peab Anläggning



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