The Nomination Committee has been appointed for Peab’s Annual General Meeting 2024

Members of the Nomination Committee for Peab’s Annual General Meeting 2024 have now been appointed.

According to the Principles for the Nomination Committee’s appointment and instructions for the Nomination Committee in Peab AB (publ), adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2023, the Nomination Committee will consist of four members - a representative for each of the three largest shareholders per the final banking day in August 2023 that want to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee as well as the Chairman of the Board. If one or more of the three largest shareholders decline to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee the Chairman of the Board will offer other major shareholders the opportunity to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee. If such an offer is made it must be given according to the order of the largest shareholders (i.e. first to the fourth largest shareholder, then to the fifth largest shareholder and so on.) This process will be continued until the Nomination Committee consists of four members including the Chairman of the Board.

Mats and Fredrik Paulsson with families, Peabs Vinstandelsstiftelse and Familjen Kamprads stiftelse have given notice that they do not wish to participate in the Nomination Committee. State Street Bank and Trust Co, W9 and JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A, W9 have not replied to the request. Due to ownership changes among the largest shareholders, Cicero Fonder has become a larger owner than Handelsbanken Fonder. According to the principles of the Nomination Committee, Suzanne Sandler, representative for Handelsbanken Fonder, has been succeede by a member appointed by Cicero Fonder.

The Nomination Committee will therefore consist of the following members:

  • Anders Sundström, Ekhaga Utveckling AB
  • Ulf Liljedahl, AB Axel Granlund
  • Christer Sterndahlen, Cicero Fonder
  • Anders Runevad, Chairman of the Board of Peab AB

The Nomination Committee is primarily responsible for producing proposals for Board members and remuneration to the Board and its committees. The Nomination Committee is also responsible for presenting proposals for the chairman of the Annual General Meeting, election of, and remuneration to, accountants as well as, when needed, proposals for changes to the instructions for the Nomination Committee.

Shareholders who wish to make proposals to the Nomination Committee may do so via email to, no later than February 28, 2024.

The Annual General Meeting will take place on May 6, 2024.

För further information, please contact:

Karin Malmgren, General Counsel Peab, +46 733 37 10 12

Juha Hartomaa, Head of Investor Relations Peab, +46 72 533 31 45



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