Peab builds fire and emergency station in Norrköping

Peab has been commissioned to build a new fire and emergency station in Norrköping. The customer is Norrköping Municipality and the contract is worth EUR 132 million.

The project comprises construction of a fire and emergency station with a garage and radio tower. The station will be built at Ljurafältet in Norrköping near to the E22 onramp. The main building will consist of offices, a garage, locker rooms, a gym, resting space, kitchen, dining room and a sauna.Peab will also build a supplementary building that will contain a garage and installations.

Most of the frame will consist of cross laminated timber produced from renewable material in an energy efficient process and therefore it will have a lower climate impact. A large section of the roof will be covered in solar panels and the rest of the roof will be sedum. The station will be self-sufficient regarding electricity and water. In a crisis it will provide inhabitants of Norrköping with water.

The new fire and emergency station will replace the existing station at South Promenade which was built in 1940 and is too small for current emergency service.

“We’re very pleased and proud to have won the commission to build Norrköping Municipality’s new and modern fire and emergency station. We intend to deliver a top class station that completely fulfills the high demands concerning security and the environment,” says Anders Bergeling, Region Manager Peab.

The project is a shared contract where Peab received the contract for groundwork and building construction. The project is expected to be completed in August 2025.

The project will be order registered in the fourth quarter 2023.

Illustration: Tengbom arkitektkontor

For further information, please contact:

Juha Hartomaa, Head of Investor Relations Peab, +46 725 33 31 45

Räddningsstation 2

Anders Bergeling, regionchef Peab



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