Peab wins new water and wastewater contract in Nittedal

Peab has received a new commission in the ongoing infrastructure project in Nittedal where a completely new wastewater pipeline is under construction and the main pipeline is being upgraded. The customer is Nittedal Municipality and the contract is worth NOK 106 million.

The infrastructure project consists of two parts: Constructing a completely new wastewater pipeline and upgrading a main pipeline between Åneby and Slättum. Improving the pipelines in these areas is vital to ensuring a good and sustainable water supply to Nittedal for the years ahead. Peab signed a contract for the project in April 2024 and has now received further work.

The new commission includes groundwork construction, electricity, plumbing and work on external water and wastewater systems for two wastewater pumping stations and three catchment areas that supply water to the municipal network. The catchment area on Li also includes a flushing function for a water pipeline and a separate section with steering functions for parts of Nittedal Municipality's wastewater system.

"We appreciate the trust placed in us by the municipality and it's very rewarding to be able to contribute our expertise and resources to a project that is vital for future water supply in Nittedal and a better water environment in the river Nitelva," says Erik Hedvald Nilsen, MD of Peab's subsidiary Arne Olav Lund, which is doing the work.

The project is a traditional contract and construction will start in the summer of 2024.

The project will be order registered in the second quarter 2024.

Foton: AOL

For further information, please contact:

Juha Hartomaa, Head of Investor Relations Peab, +46 725 33 31 45

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