Comments concerning the Coronavirus

Peab is the largest community builder in the Nordic region and with this comes great responsibility, particularly in difficult times like today with the spread of the Coronavirus affecting our communities. As a big employer we care about our employees but naturally we also care about our customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other partners. For Peab it is important from a societal perspective that we do everything we can to maintain calm, thwart the spread of infection and keep our operations going.

Peab’s measures to limit the spread of the infection are founded on The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s guidelines and instructions as well as those that correspond in the other countries we work in. Since the situation and instructions from the authorities are constantly changing, we closely follow developments and adopt to them. Above all they affect the directives we give our employees.

Based on this we focus on maintaining stability in our business. The short-term effects of the Coronavirus on Peab’s operations are limited at the moment but naturally we closely follow developments so that we can continually assess possible affects in a longer perspective. Under the current circumstances we see what a strength it is for us to be the local company with the big group resources. Peab has four business areas - Construction, Civil Engineering, Industry and Project Development that collaborate locally and a large part of input goods and personnel are our own. This gives us good control over the construction process and makes us therefore less vulnerable to production disruptions.

As a company we do everything in our power to thwart the spread of the Coronavirus and continue to work on our community building. This is how we contribute to people’s safety and wellbeing.

Under the leadership of our corona team we are closely following developments and will update information on this page as the need arises.

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