Orders received 2020

Below we report the Peab Group's orders received over SEK 100 million.

The projects are entered in the quarter in which the order is registered.

Quarter 4, 2020

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer


Peab builds apartments for rent in Kalmar   SEK 187 million Sweden PPE Fastigheter i Kalmar AB


Peab builds apartments and retail space in Visby   SEK 106 million Sweden BRF Ordboken


Peab builds tenancy apartments in Tikkurila   EUR 17 million Finland A-Kruunu Oy


Peab builds apartments for rent in Eskilstuna   SEK 251 million Sweden Heimstaden


Peab builds new bridge over Tärendo River   SEK 111 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration


Peab builds apartments in Sigtuna   SEK 139 million Sweden Borohus and Innovation Properties


Peab builds new Röspark School in Åmål   SEK 210 million Sweden Åmål's municipal properties


Peab builds new school and gyms in Älta   SEK 306 million Sweden Hemsö


Peab rebuilds for Castellum in Mölndal   SEK 181 million Sweden Castellum


Peab receives order located at Danderyd Hospital   SEK 169 million Sweden Region Stockholm


Peab builds new prison in Sala   SEK 300 million Sweden Scandrenting AB


Peab rebuilds highway 23 outside of Växjö   SEK 159 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration 


Peab decontaminates soil for future development in Norra Djurgård City   SEK 140 million Sweden Stockholm City


Peab builds Stridsberg Bridge in Trollhättan   SEK 329 million Sweden Trollhättan City


Peab refurbishes the port in Köping   SEK 170 million Sweden Köping Municipality


Peab builds swimming pool facility in Kävlinge   SEK 292 million Sweden KKB Fastigheter AB


Peab renovates apartments for rent in Helsinki   EUR 17million Finland Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (HEKA)


Peab rebuilds apartments in Helsingborg   SEK 101 million Sweden AB Helsingborgshem


Peab renovates dock at Haakonsvern in Bergen   NOK 120 million Norway Forsvarsbygg

Quarter 3, 2020

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2020/09/30 Peab builds a new port in Arendal in Gothenburg   SEK 237 million Sweden Göteborgs Hamn AB
2020/09/30 Peab expands the Vomb Plant for Sydvatten   SEK 150 million Sweden Sydvatten AB
2020/09/29 Peab builds new elementary school in Barkarbystaden   SEK 216 million Sweden Järfälla Municipality 
2020/09/25 Peab builds new main street in Lørenskog   NOK 428 million Norway Lørenskog Municipality 
2020/09/03 Peab renovates high school in Helsinki   EUR 11 million Finland City of Helsinki
2020/09/02 Peab builds swimming pool facility in Solna   SEK 133 million Sweden Solna City
2020/08/12 Peab builds grocery store S-Market in Nurmijärvi   EUR 11 million Finland Helsingin Osuuskauppa (HOK) Elanto
2020/08/12 Peab builds new police station in Kiruna   SEK 430 million Sweden LKAB
2020/07/20 Peab builds ice skating rink and arena   SEK 228 million Sweden Arenabolaget i Ängelholm AB
2020/07/17 Peab rebuilds House M at Lund University   SEK 231 million Sweden Akademiska Hus AB
2020/07/16 Peab extends Pampus Port in Norrköping   SEK 345 million Sweden Norrköpings Hamn AB
2020/07/09 Peab builds apartments on Hisingen   SEK 402 million Sweden Tornet Bostadsproduktion AB 

Quarter 2, 2020

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2020/06/29 Peab builds top modern swimming pool facility in Kiruna   SEK 290 million Sweden Kiruna Municipality 
2020/06/26 Peab builds the new Färjestad School in Karlstad   SEK 263 million Sweden Karlstad Municipality
2020/06/24 Peab builds apartments in Sarpsborg   NOK 103.5 million Norway HABO and Jack Valleraune
2020/06/16 Peab expands Port of Trelleborg   SEK 328 million Sweden Trelleborgs Hamn AB
2020/06/12 Peab builds assisted living facilities in Borlänge   SEK 208 million Sweden Magnolia Bostad
2020/06/03 Peab builds apartments for rent in Karlstad   SEK 231 million Sweden Karlstads Bostads AB
2020/05/28 Peab moves Saab’s runway in Linköping   SEK 190 million Sweden Saab AB
2020/05/25 Peab builds Sundsvall’s new logistic park   SEK 734 million Sweden Sundsvall Logistikpark AB
2020/05/22 Peab rebuilds E20 outside of Gothenburg   SEK 206 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2020/05/19 Peab builds apartments in Eskilstuna   SEK 336 million Sweden Willhem AB
2020/05/18 Peab builds apartments in Ängelholm   SEK 144 MSEK Sweden Backahill Bostäder AB 
2020/05/18 Peab builds a residential care facility in Södertälje   SEK 145 million Sweden Hemsö Fastigheter 
2020/05/13 Peab builds apartments in Espoo   EUR 15 million Finland Kojamo Group
2020/04/28 Peab renovates apartment buildings in Helsinki   EUR 18 million Finland Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (HEKA) 
2020/04/21 Peab builds fish farm in Senja in Norway   NOK 439 million Norway Salmar Settefisk
2020/04/09 Peab builds a new ferry berth in Karlshamn   SEK 156 million Sweden Karlshamns Hamn AB
2020/04/09 Peab rebuilds Noltorp School in Alingsås   SEK 252 million Sweden Alingsåshem
2020/04/07 Peab builds Centrumhuset in Norrahammar   SEK 100 million Sweden Junehem AB
2020/04/02 Peab renovates 146 apartments in Västerås   SEK 167 million Sweden Bostads AB Mimer 
2020/04/02 Peab builds apartments in Sandefjord   NOK 105 million Norway Conceptor Bolig

Quarter 1, 2020

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2020/03/31 Peab builds healthcare building in Ängelholm   SEK 176 million Sweden Hälsostaden Ängelholm AB
2020/03/31 Peab builds student housing in Björkhagen   SEK 152 million Sweden Stiftelsen Stockholms studentbostäder, SSSB
2020/03/30 Peab builds carbon dioxide neutral factory for Komatsu Forest in Umeå   SEK 650 million Sweden Komatsu Forest AB
2020/03/30 Peab builds senior living in Eskilstuna   SEK 175 million Sweden Eskilstuna Municipality
2020/03/27 Peab builds student housing in Åbo, Finland   EUR 23 million Finland Turun Ylioppilaskyläsäätiö
2020/03/09 Peab builds apartments in Norrköping   SEK 145 million Sweden Grundingen Fastighets AB
2020/02/11 Peab builds middle school in Västerås   SEK 196 million Sweden Västerås City
2020/02/03 Peab builds apartments for Aros in Gärdet, Stockholm   SEK 283 million Sweden Aros Bostad
2020/01/24 Peab builds office building and hotel in Keilaniemi in Espoo   EU 38 million Finland Real Estate Company Espoon Swing Plus C (office), Real Estate Company Espoon Swing Plus A (hotel)
2020/01/17 Peab builds hotel in Örebro   SEK 218 million Sweden Klövern
2020/01/16 Peab builds an extension to Jula’s warehouse in Skara   SEK 114 million Sweden Jula Logistics AB
2020/01/14 Peab builds apartments in Borås   SEK 194 million Sweden AB Bostäder i Borås
2020/01/13 Peab builds senior living in Hudiksvall   SEK 125 million Sweden Hudiksvalls Municipality
2020/01/09 Peab builds extension of E6 near Trondheim   NOK 784 million Norway Nye Veier



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