Orders received

Here we report the Peab Group's orders received over SEK 100 million.

The projects are entered in the quarter in which the order is registered.

Quarter 4, 2023

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2023/12/15 Peab builds new swimming facility in Leknes   NOK 262 million Norway Vestvågøy Municipality
2023/12/13 Peab rebuilds E22 in Lund   SEK 533 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2023/12/06 Peab builds adapted housing and a daytime activity center in Harstad   NOK 114 Million Norway Harstad Municipality
2023/12/04 Peab builds apartments for rent in Tampere   EUR 24 million Finland Tampereen Vuokra-asunnot Oy (TVA)
2023/12/04 Peab builds school in Lerum   SEK 390 million Sweden Lerum Municipality
2023/11/24 Peab rebuilds Ullevi Road in Linköping   SEK 160 million Sweden Linköping Municipality
2023/11/24 Peab builds senior living in Stenungsund   SEK 188 million Sweden Stenungsund Municipality
2023/11/23 Peab builds fire station in Hallstahammar   SEK 140 million Sweden Rescue Services Mälardalen
2023/11/20 Peab renovates hotel in Vantaa   EUR 13 million Finland Kiinteistö OY Haukipurontie (Keva)
2023/11/10 Peab builds cold storage unit in Hyllinge   SEK 111 million Sweden Evolv Frysen 1 AB
2023/11/09 Peab builds more apartments in Umeå   SEK 133 million Sweden Mariehöjd Produktion
2023/11/06 Peab upgrades train station in Svedala   SEK 106 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2023/11/03 Peab builds new main water line in Lillestrøm   NOK 144 million Norway Nedre Romerike Vann- og Avløpsselskap
2023/10/31 Peab rebuilds Vaxholm’s docks   SEK 116 million Sweden City of Vaxholm
2023/10/24 Peab builds new senior living in Norrköping   SEK 210 million Sweden Norrköping Municipality
2023/10/23 Peab builds rental apartments in Malmö   SEK 408 million Sweden MKB Fastighets AB
2023/10/20 Peab rebuilds Värnamo Hospital   SEK 214 million Sweden Regionfastigheter in Jönköping County
2023/10/17 Peab builds wastewater treatment plant in Ålesund   NOK 202 million Norway Ålesund Municipality
2023/10/16 Peab builds fire and emergency station in Norrköping   SEK 132 million Sweden Norrköping Municipality


Quarter 3, 2023

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2023/10/04 Peab builds more apartments in Askim   SEK 135 million Sweden Stena Fastigheter Göteborg AB
2023/09/28 Peab builds extension to school in Lempäälä   EUR 15 million Finland Lempäälä Municipality
2023/09/28 Peab builds homes in Helsinki   EUR 15 million Finland Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy
2023/09/22 Peab builds new assisted living facility in Orsa   SEK 337 million Sweden Orsa Municipality
2023/09/18 Peab builds new greenhouse in the Gothenburg Botanical Garden   SEK 346 million Sweden Västra Götaland Region, Västfastigheter construction and management
2023/09/12 Peab builds swimming pool facility in Hässleholm   SEK 376 million Sweden Hässleholm Municipality
2023/09/07 Peab builds dock and builds up terminal foundation in Orrskär   SEK 170 million Sweden Söderhamn Municipality
2023/09/05 Peab expands wastewater and rainwater pipelines in Malmö   SEK 110 million Sweden VA Syd and the city of Malmö
2023/08/29 Peab builds hospital in Vaasa   EUR 26 million Finland Senate Properties 
2023/08/22 Peab reinforces Road 953 in Sollefteå Municipality   SEK 115 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2023/07/17 Peab company receives frame contract for housing project in Stockholm   SEK 143 million Sweden Stockholmshem
2023/07/13 Peab builds bus terminal in Tromsø   NOK 130 million Norway Statens vegvesen
2023/07/12 Peab builds elementary school in Höllviken   SEK 281 million Sweden Vellinge Municipality
2023/07/11 Peab builds an extended stay hotel in Norrköping   SEK 101 million Sweden Mannersons Fastighets AB
2023/07/10 Peab rebuilds the Administrative Court building in Gothenburg   SEK 110 million Sweden Skandia Fastigheter
2023/07/06 Peab builds apartments and health care center in Linköping   SEK 346 million Sweden AB Stångåstaden


Quarter 2, 2023

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2023/07/10 Peab builds police station in the Gothenburg area   SEK 207 million Sweden Specialfastigheter
2023/06/30 Peab builds logistics facilities in Helsingborg   SEK 700 million Sweden Catena
2023/06/29 Peab receives civil engineering contract for future industrial area in Timrå   SEK 400 million Sweden MittSverige Vatten & Avfall AB
2023/06/27 Peab rebuilds Kumla School in Tyresö   SEK 109 million Sweden Tyresö Municipality
2023/06/26 Peab rebuilds Ås School in Krokom   SEK 111 million Sweden Krokom Municipality
2023/06/22 Peab renovates sections of University Hospital in Umeå   SEK 297 million Sweden Region Västerbotten
2023/06/20 Peab builds fire and rescue station in Helsinki   EUR 10 million Finland Helsinki City
2023/06/15 Peab rebuilds office building into homes in Helsinki   EUR 19 million Finland SL-Yhtiöt Oy
2023/06/13 Peab renovates and expands university premises in Vaasa   EUR 10 million Finland Vaasan Merikampus Oy
2023/06/05 Peab builds test track for autonomous and electrified vehicles   SEK 730 million Sweden Scania Industrial Maintenance AB
2023/06/05 Peab builds swimming pool and sports hall in Haparanda   SEK 209 million Sweden Haparanda Municipality
2023/05/29 Peab builds homes in Helsinki   EUR 17 million Finland Helsinki City’s ATT
2023/05/25 Peab builds new National Archives in Härnösand   SEK 800 million Sweden Specialfastigheter
2023/04/27 Peab renovates and extends upper secondary school in Helsinki   EUR 18 million Finland City of Helsinki
2023/04/18 Peab renovates rental apartments in Helsinki   EUR 18 million Finland Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (HEKA)
2023/04/17 Peab continues to extend the wastewater treatment plant in Trollhättan   SEK 355 million Sweden Trollhättan Energi AB


Quarter 1, 2023

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2023/04/14 Peab builds police station in Malmö   SEK 448 million Sweden Specialfastigheter
2023/03/31 Peab receives road contracts for 360 million Swedish kronor   SEK 360 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2023/03/28 Peab builds rental apartments in Halmstad   SEK 146 million Sweden Willhem AB
2023/03/10 Peab builds new ice skating rink in Fruängen   SEK 114 million Sweden City of Stockholm (real estate department)
2023/03/09 Peab receives operations contract in Österåker   SEK 100 million Sweden Österåker Municipality
2023/03/07 Peab reinforces cultural historical road in Hudiksvall   SEK 105 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2023/02/16 Peab builds new swimming pool facility in Nacka   SEK 265 million Sweden Nacka Municipality



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