Orders received 2021

Here we report the Peab Group's orders received over SEK 100 million.

The projects are entered in the quarter in which the order is registered.

Quarter 4, 2021

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2021/12/28 Peab builds Tullgarn Bridge in Uppsala   SEK 157 million Sweden Uppsala Municipality
2021/12/23 Peab continues to build in Larvik   NOK 167 million Norway Grandkvartalet Eiendom AS
2021/12/22 Peab builds rental apartments in Malmö   SEK 108 million Sweden Trianon 
2021/12/22 Peab builds apartments in Örebro   SEK 224 million Sweden ÖrebroBostäder AB
2021/12/20 Peab builds apartments in Turku   EUR 11 million Finland As Oy Turun Oskarinpuisto
2021/12/17 Peab builds rental apartments in Uppsala   SEK 230 million Sweden Rikshem AB
2021/12/07 Peab expands drinking water pipeline system in Lund Municipality   SEK 190 million Sweden Sydvatten AB
2021/12/03 Peab builds rental apartments in Umeå   SEK 306 million Sweden Tornet Bygg and Projekt AB
2021/12/02 Peab receives supplemental order for construction in Skänninge   SEK 103 million Sweden Specialfastigheter
2021/11/29 Peab builds homes for X-Group Asunnot in Tampere   EUR 10 million Finland X-Group Asunnot Oy
2021/11/26 Peab builds apartments in Horten   NOK 180 million Norway Conceptor Bolig AS
2021/11/19 Peab builds apartment building in Bandhagen   SEK 150 million Sweden Aktiebolaget Familjebostäder
2021/11/12 Peab builds nursing home in Oslo   NOK 446 million Norway Oslobygg KF
2021/11/11 Peab builds new swimming pool facility in Årjäng   SEK 155 million Sweden Årjäng Municipality
2021/10/26 Peab builds apartments in Langesund   NOK 119 million Norway Smietangen Utbygging
2021/10/14 Peab builds tenant-owner apartments for HSB in Uppsala   SEK 190 million Sweden HSB Produktion i Uppsala HB
2021/10/13 Peab builds apartments in Porsgrunn   NOK 188 million Norway Majorbygg 
2021/10/11 Peab completely renovates Tingstad Tunnel in Gothenburg   SEK 365 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/10/08 Peab builds school in Tromsø   NOK 418 million Norway Troms og Finnmark County Municipality

Quarter 3, 2021

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2021/10/07 Peab signs framework contract with Vattenfall   SEK 150 million Sweden Vattenfall Eldistribution AB
2021/10/07 Peab signs framework contract with Eon   SEK 240 million Sweden Eon Energidistribution AB
2021/10/05 Peab builds apartments in Lund   SEK 196 million Sweden Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB
2021/09/30 Peab renovates and expands school in Turku   EUR 13 million Finland The city of Turku
2021/09/28 Peab renovates and expands elementary school in Helsinki   EUR 14 million Finland The city of Helsinki
2021/09/27 Peab builds apartments in Järvenpää   EUR 11 million Finland Avain Rakennuttaja Oy
2021/09/22 Peab builds Hallerna School in Stenungsund   SEK 148 million Sweden Stenungsund Municipality
2021/09/21 Peab builds Herkules Park in Skien   NOK 119 million Norway Klosterfoss Utvikling
2021/09/20 Peab builds Koenigsegg's production facility in Ängelholm   SEK 191 million Sweden PEKO Fastighets AB
2021/09/20 Peab builds new swimming pool facility in Kalmar   SEK 500 million Sweden Kunskapsporten
2021/09/14 Peab builds apartments in Vantaa   EUR 15 million Finland Sato-Rakennuttajat Oy
2021/09/13 Peab builds production plant in Seinäjoki   EUR 24 million Finland Atria Oyj
2021/09/03 Peab builds a parking garage and office space in Turku   EUR 15 million Finland Reale Rakennus Oy and Litu Oy
2021/09/02 Peab builds new school and rental apartments in Eskilstuna   SEK 231 million Sweden School: Eskilstuna Municipality
Apartments: Eskilstuna kommunfastigheter
2021/08/30 Peab builds new senior assisted living in Jönköping   SEK 203 million Sweden Jönköping Municipality
2021/07/26 Peab builds hangar for surveillance airplanes in Evenes   NOK 646 million Norway Forsvarsbygg
2021/07/19 Peab rebuilds prison in Härnosand   SEK 157 million Sweden Intea Fastigheter
2021/07/14 Peab expands Varner’s distribution center in Vänersborg   SEK 215 million Sweden M62 Holding
2021/07/13 Peab rebuilds ferry berths for electric ferries in Nordland   NOK 301 million Norway Statens vegvesen
2021/07/12 Peab builds Hindås’ waterworks   SEK 154 million Sweden Härryda Vatten och Avfall AB
2021/07/07 Peab rebuilds school in Sørreisa   NOK 146 million Norway Sørreisa Municipality
2021/07/06 Peab builds part of the new subway in Stockholm   SEK 124 million Sweden Region Stockholm’s administration of the subway extension

Quarter 2, 2021

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2021/06/29 Peab builds new cold storage unit in Örebro   SEK 157 million Sweden Lantmännen Byggnads AB
2021/06/22 Peab builds apartments in Oslo   NOK 183 million Norway Møllerveien 2 AS
2021/06/22 Peab builds two bridges in Upplands-Bro   SEK 204 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/06/21 Peab builds apartments in Åre   SEK 109 million Sweden Skiab Invest AB
2021/06/17 Peab builds new shopping center in Åkersberga   SEK 180 million Sweden Fastica Åkersberga AB
2021/06/17 Peab builds rental apartments in Karlskrona   SEK 115 million Sweden AB Karlskronahem
2021/06/16 Peab builds double track railway outside of Hallsberg   SEK 477 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/06/15 Peab builds Volvomotet in Gothenburg   SEK 154 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/06/14 Peab builds homes in Oulu   EUR 12 million Finland Health City Finland Oy
2021/06/04 Peab builds apartments in Kongsberg   NOK 120 million Norway Pilares Eiendom
2021/05/24 Peab rebuilds E20 outside of Vara   SEK 211 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/05/20 Peab builds new school in Kautokeino   NOK 207 million Norway Kautokeino Municipality
2021/05/07 Peab builds rental apartments in Västerås   SEK 310 million Sweden Bostads AB Mimer
2021/05/05 Peab builds new swimming pool facility in Uddevalla   SEK 350 million Sweden Uddevalla Municipality
2021/05/03 Peab builds new container port in Sundsvall   SEK 249 million Sweden SCA Logistics AB
2021/05/03 Peab builds new middle school in Gothenburg   SEK 517 million Sweden City of Gothenburg Property Management
2021/04/28 Peab builds new hotel in Vesterålen   NOK 190 million Norway Hotell Richard With AS
2021/04/27 Peab receives five contracts for road maintenance   SEK 753 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/04/13 Peab builds school in Löddeköpinge   SEK 290 million Sweden KKL Fastigheter AB


Quarter 1, 2021

Date Assignment   Contract sum Country Customer
2021/03/31 Peab builds car dealership in Ålesund   NOK 113 million Norway Waagan Eiendom
2021/03/29 Peab builds apartments in Ålesund   NOK 120 million Norway Fri Sikt Volsdalsberga
2021/03/22 Peab rebuilds Highway 35 south of Linköping   SEK 122 million Sweden Swedish Transport Administration
2021/03/11 Peab builds high school in Enköping   SEK 405 million Sweden Enköping Municipality
2021/03/10 Peab rebuilds wastewater treatment plant in Henriksdal   SEK 254 million Sweden Stockholm Vatten och Avfall
2021/03/08 Peab builds new race track facility in Orklands Municipality   NOK 100 million Norway Leangentravets Eiendom
2021/03/05 Peab builds office building in Espoo   EUR 20 million Finland Niam Oy
2021/03/04 Peab extends Skänninge Prison on the outskirts of Mjölby   SEK 212 million Sweden Specialfastigheter Sverige AB
2021/03/03 Peab builds rental apartments in Jönköping   SEK 221 million Sweden HSB Göta
2021/03/01 Peab signs framework contract with Öresundskraft   SEK 400 million Sweden Öresundskraft
2021/02/08 Peab builds student housing in Stockholm   SEK 225 million Sweden Stockholms Studentbostäder
2021/01/18 Peab builds offices in Malmö   SEK 365 million Sweden Wihlborgs Pulpeten 5 AB



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